(MENU > CAMERA 1 > page 14/14 > Smile/Face Detect > Face Detection On.). I got my A6500 at Adorama. It finds and focuses on faces with no need to select them manually. If I'm right, the Touchless Shutter app is free and so should be downloadable. 1,920 x 1,080i / 60 fps (24 Mbps) / 60 fps (17 Mbps) / 50 fps (24 Mbps)/ 50 fps (17 Mbps). ● Two Memory recall modes on the top dial. Even if [Silent Shooting] is set to [On], the shutter sound may beep under the following circumstances: [White Balance] is set to [Custom Setup] [Face Registration] You cannot select [Silent Shooting] when the mode dial is set to other than P/A/S/M. Any photo editing software will damage this data. Sony A6500 and Nikon 55mm f/1.2 on an adapter. Black bars on the sides of the LCD leave only 2.6" (66mm) effective image diagonal for 3:2 images on the 16:9 LCD. landscape and portraits I would do single shot or bracketing. While Sony's menu system is pretty bad, the position of the buttons and knobs is excellent. I never shoot at defaults. 1/4,000 ~ 30 seconds. If you can save $500, go for it, but if you only get $100 off, I wouldn't risk it. Hot shoe. Set in the menu system (MENU > CAMERA 2 > page 4/9 > Silent Shooting), it makes the a6500 completely silent. $798 new, or about $675 used if you know How to Win at eBay. It takes a long time to learn this camera. Blotchiness is normal at the highest ISOs; the camera is doing everything it can to make a picture out of essentially no light and no exposure. Fuji, like Canon, makes almost all of its cameras and lenses domestically in Japan. Silent mode is not saved in memory, so its several menu operations to get out of it to be able to use the flash or bulb mode. As you might have saw, I’ve used it for a few years now and absolutely love it! Macro Lenses . This is not available when quality is set to RAW or RAW+ JPEG, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Can use a Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick PRO HG-Duo, or 3.5" floppy disk in the SD slot. bigger or © full-resolution file to explore on your computer (mobile devices rarely display the full resolution accurately). Sony litters our cards with too many folders and hides videos in a different folder than our pictures. The whole point of this camera is small size, and the 16-50 does this in spades. Christmas Lights, California, 10 December 2016. The E 16-55mm f/2.8 G is a telephoto zoom that’s great for portraiture, wedding/event photography, and all-around general use. The A6500 is about half metal and half plastic. Looking at this picture might be easier. It cheerfully runs up to whatever insane high ISO you've programmed it to go if it needs to, so you really can use all of the great high ISO performance of this camera. Longest take: 29m59s. I hope this helps! I got mine at Adorama. Sony a6500 pros: ultra compact yet capable body; smaller lens lineup; eye autofocus; silent shutter; fast autofocus and frame rate (11 fps!!) All the smaller bits are plastic, like the power switch, shutter button, rear controls, flash, hatches, battery cover, LCD monitor and viewfinder frames and the top mode dial. All rights reserved. I'd also get it at Amazon or at B&H. Built-in flash; GN 20'/6m at ISO 100. This is magnificent, because it means that there will be no vibration from the shutter to blur handheld images. Real-world color rendition has nothing to do with color accuracy measured in a lab. The Sony A6500 is a superb APS-C mirrorless camera with an equally superb built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF). Min Shutter Speed 30 sec ... silent shooting, x.v.Color technology Shutter. Flash Sync. There is a simple switch to turn on the silent shooting mode and you’ll find it under the purple tab with the camera icon and the number 2. UltraHD 4K. XAVC S Since this is an APS-C camera and those SLR lenses are full frame I'd not bother with this adapter, unless you have a pro-level tele zoom like the MAXXUM 80-200mm f/2.8 or a macro like the MAXXUM 50/2.8 or MAXXUM 100/2.8. If you wish to make a printout for personal use, you are granted one-time permission only if you PayPal me $5.00 per printout or part thereof. Thank you! It flips only enough to help you shoot from high or low angles. It stays in focus because the finder focus wheel is where it doesn't get knocked. Because it's a 16:9 LCD and the sides are black when showing pictures, its effective diagonal is only 2.6" (66mm). So long as you get yours from an authorized source, you'll get a legitimate USA version with a warranty from Sony USA. as often with my A6500 as I do with my Nikon and Canon DSLRs. When you get more comfortable, you might also want to think about a 6 stop ND filter for the Sigma for when you want to shoot at a wide aperture during brighter light conditions. The A6500 performs about as well as Sony's full-frame A7R II or A7S II cameras for half the price — and this A6500 is over twice as fast and has a built-in flash not in the other full-frame cameras! bigger or © camera-original file to explore on your computer (mobile devices rarely display the full resolution accurately). The effect on images may vary depending on the camera model and camera settings. Sony sells its own lenses and Zeiss lenses that are native to this mount. 1,280 x 720p / 30 fps (6 Mbps) / 25 fps (6 Mbps). AODELAN RS-S8 Wired Shutter Remote Control Cord Shutter Release Cable for Sony a7III, a7M3, a7RM3, a9, a6500,a6300, a7sM2,a7RM2,a5100, a6000,a7, a7M2, A7R, A7S. 15.830 oz. The top & bottom plates, lens mount, front & rear covers and the top all-black dial are metal. USB cord and universal wall USB power supply. Tous droits réservés. Video Resolution. touch screen (may or may not be useful) Sony a6500 cons: high iso image quality not as good; max shutter … With that said, there are some other restrictions that you will have to watch out for when using the silent mode. The shutter might fail earlier, or it could last longer without causing any problems. The images all look about the same as web sizes up to about ISO 25,600 or even ISO 51,600; the highlights, shadows and colors match very well across the entire ISO spectrum with just a little extra rattiness at the very highest five-digit ISOs. Other situations that would benefit from shooting incognito might include concerts, taking wildlife photos, religious ceremonies, street photography, and more. SONY Alpha shutter/image counter. My approved sources ship from remote automated warehouses where no salespeople or lookie-loos can ever get their sticky fingers on your new camera before you do. One more situation where the silent shutter is a must is timelapse, otherwise you will wear the poor thing out in no time at all. BULB mode. It's easy to set the first three characters of the file name; I use A65. I would think 150k-200k is a safe bet for the a6500. Thanks for the question and I’m excited for you that you got the Sony a6500! I'm a working artist, not some online tweaker or tech blogger, and color is critical to my work. ● Programmable Memory recall modes don't recall everything, for instance, the memory modes don't save and recall whether or not you're in Silent mode. The biggest help is when you use any of these links to approved sources when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. Fuji cameras make people look great in any light. The biggest reason to pay more for the A7R II or A7S II is if you need a dedicated exposure compensation dial — but you can assign the rear command dial to this in menus. Fireplace bricks inside the grille disappear first on the left then the right, and the dust on grill vanishes. When taking photos, different situations call for different settings of the camera. While you can adapt any lens to the A6500, they won't work as well as native Sony or Zeiss FE lenses, or Alpha or MAXXUM lenses with the LA-EA4 adapter. bigger. While it's still not quite up to the level of Nikon or Canon for serious work, the A6500 looks great for the fun shots people make with mirrorless cameras. Replaces Sony RM-SPR1 Remote Controls 4.5 out of 5 stars 20 I got my A6500 at Adorama. Color rendition is dependant on how a maker programs all the color matrices, curves, and look-up tables to generate color from the data read from the sensor, and varies widely between makers once you set a camera away from its defaults. Remote control via a phone app. When I go on vacation, I'm pooped and leave my pro cameras at home and take an A6500. The A6500 is the girl you date for fun and good times until you find something better, while a DSLR is the woman you marry for a lifetime of serious pursuits. Press the MENU button. 120.0 x 66.9 x 53.3 millimeters, excluding protrusions. One SD slot for an SD, SDHC or SDXC card. © Ken Rockwell. ● The LCD isn't bright enough to see in direct sunlight. I refer to the A6500, a6500 and α6500 interchangeably; they're the same camera. Rated 16.0 oz. Brian Smith's post gives some more information; apparently only works for Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. It will be interesting to see what happens to the A6500 from here, although the A6500 still has the advantage of its in-body image stabilisation system. I use my images right out of the A6500. Get this A6500 for your vacations, or if size and weight are more important than price or performance. 1.) After researching I found that many Sony shooters do not recommend using the silent shutter to capture fast-moving subjects as you may get rolling shutter distortions. The Sony a6500 shares the same unrivaled 4D FOCUS™ system as the a6300 camera, which can lock focus on a subject in as little as 0.05 seconds, the world's fastest AF acquisition time. This is especially useful if you’re shooting in a quiet environment, shooting wildlife, doing some street photography, or just don’t want to bring attention to yourself in general. Its colors aren't as good, but if I'm tired of carrying cameras, the A6500 is the ticket. For moving targets, you have to select the regular (slower) HI mode, which lets it focus, and also slows it down. bigger. Some things that I have noticed is that they have only been appearing on pictures taken indoors. All the buttons are flush and feel the same, so good luck finding them by feel. / 25 fps (60 Mbps) / 24 fps (100 Mbps) / 24 fps (60 Mbps). It has come in handy for me in various situations and I find myself using it more and more during my travels. page as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may Features: This lens is featured with Sony OSS (Optical Steady Shot) image stabilization that handles camera shakes while shooting handheld and even in low shutter speed you don’t miss your shot. Your camera is now as silent as a cat walking in the night. I can get photos that get oohs and ahhs with my A6500, but I don't get to WOW! Of course, you can slap your camera on the automatic setting and fire away, but doing so won’t allow you to capture each scene to the best of your ability. Cards are not properly formatted, they are left as "NO NAME" instead of "SONY_A65.". My goal with all these articles is to help you out, so if you ever have any questions just send me an email at [email protected], DM me at my Instagram @tom.shu or leave a comment on any of the articles! However, it is important to note that the shutter rating does not provide a guarantee of a certain photo count before shutter maintenance or replacement are needed. Silent shutter only works when you’re in one of these settings. Best Lenses for the Sony A6500 Camera Without further hesitation, let’s now take a look at some of the best Sony a6500 lenses on offer. USA cameras will say "UC2" on the UPC label on the box: Sony A6500 box. I jam it in a sock and throw it in my carry-on bag, and I'm good. 1,920 x 1,080p / 60 fps (28 Mbps) / 50 fps (28 Mbps) / 30 fps (16 Mbps)/ 25 fps (16 Mbps). bigger. It uses a 16:9-shaped short or "chopped" LCD, so the image never fills the screen; it either has black on either side, or crops off part of the image if zoomed. It doesn't replace my Nikons, Canons or Hasselblads for serious work, but for carrying as little as possible, the A6500 is a hoot. If you find this A Nikon D3300 or Canon SL1 costs one-third as much, doesn't weigh much more and works faster and takes better pictures. When running silent, the mechanical shutter is open and the sensor does all the work. Adapted manual lenses are foolish; they slow down the operation so far that you may as well be shooting film for the same amount of effort. For the A6000, Sony claims a shutter life expectancy of 100 000 actuations. Even though you hear what sounds like a shutter firing, you'll notice at slow speeds that there is no sound at the beginning of the exposure, only the end. If you’ve used the Sony a6500, then you know the rolling shutter distortion is pretty … Never occurred to me that a modern mirrorless, from Sony no less, would not have an electronic silent shutter. Silent shooting mode will be turned off if you use any apps from the PlayMemories Camera Apps such as Time-lapse, Smooth Reflection, and Smart Remote Control. All full frame E-mount cameras (except for the A7r) feature an electronic shutter in addition to the mechanical shutter. The function has its negatives too, but if you pay attention to the situation you’re in and remember its limitations, you won’t have any trouble using it. Auto ISO reads properly in Media Pro up through ISO 32,000. The reason why I say that is because the Sigma 30mm 1.4 is at a good focal length for most portrait/people/lifestyle shots and you have the much wider F stop so you would be able to throw out the background. The thing may or may not work that well, and probably won't give you anywhere near the resolution you thought you wanted unless you use the native Zeiss lenses. Sony keeps getting better and better at color rendition, and the A6500 is their best yet. bigger or © camera-original file to explore on your computer (mobile devices rarely display the full resolution accurately). My personal email is also [email protected] if you would rather reach out to me there. Don't spray and pray! Ditto for flash; you have to know to disable the Silent mode to let the flash fire. 1,920 x 1,080p / 60 fps (28 Mbps) / 50 fps (28 Mbps) / 25 fps (24 Mbps)/ 25 fps (17 Mbps) / 24 fps (24 Mbps) / 24 fps (17 Mbps). I prefer good old-fashioned fixed eyepieces over diopter adjustment wheels. It only runs this fast in the usual shutter mode; in Silent mode it only runs at the slowest LO mode. As ISO climbs, we lose grain in the wood, the sparkles in the black wood grain, and everything gets softer. Ken. For more of our current work, inspiration and more, join us on Instagram. For our most recent short film project, Spirit of Matsu, we were invited to attend a traditional ceremonial event to mark the birthday of Matsu. bigger or © camera-original file to explore on your computer (mobile devices rarely display the full resolution accurately). I'm pickier about color than most; I see things most people don't. I’m a Washington State-based professional photographer and filmmaker. (Just kidding about the floppy.). 6.) Visit Hunt's 30,000 square foot flagship store at 100 Main Street, Melrose, or one of its satellite locations in Boston, MA - Cambridge,MA - Hanover, MA - Holyoke, MA - Providence, RI - So. ● No 1:1 square or 4:3 crop modes; only shoots native 3:2 or a silly 16:9 crop. MEKE Macro 85mm f/2.8 . Some years ago this wasn't the case; higher ISOs on older cameras would look quite different from lower ISOs even at small print sizes. These are 600 x 450 pixel crops from the original images. WINNER: Sony a6300/a6500. Only the LO option works in the continuous shutter mode, the faster MID, HI and HI+ modes are disabled in Silent mode. ● Same 24MP sensor, same ISO range, same 11 FPS frame rate, same AF system, same viewfinder, same frame rate and same video performance as the A6300. 1. (448.8g) actual measured weight with battery and card. The Sony a6300 has a silent shutter mode. AODELAN Wired Shutter Remote Control Cord Shutter Release Cable for Sony a7M3, a7RM3, a9, a6500,a6300, a7sM2,a7RM2,a5100, a6000,a7, a7M2, A7R, A7S. Also 16:9 crops to 6,000 x 3,376, 4,240 x 2,400 and 3,008 x 1,688. The A6500 locks-up for a second or so whenever you change the mode dial between its two memory 1 and 2 settings. I like to carry this camera around my shoulder under a jacket, and a big lens won't let me do that as well as the self-collapsing 16-50. The A6500 is easy and fun, while a DSLR makes better pictures if you're serious beyond just posting on Facebook to be forgotten in a day. It usually looks good, but I get more consistently excellent results from Nikon and Canon. Yes, I get good colors right out of the A6500, but they aren't as great as I get more consistently out of my DSLRs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ● New shutter "tested" to 200,000 cycles. ● Very basic touch-screen with limited functions; it's no iPhone. If I recall the a7r shutter estimations was 250k and the a7rii is said to be 500k. The best non-native solution is to use a decent Canon EOS to NEX adapter and you'll get full autofocus, auto exposure, EXIF data and diaphragm operation with every Canon lens made since 1987. This great little camera becomes a clunky contraption once you add an adapter. Minimum shutter speed settable in full stops 30s ~ 1/4,000 — or — settable ±2 stops in one-stop increments to follow the lens focal length. It just shoots and shoots and shoots in any light. ● Small, light, fast, tough and makes great-looking pictures. So, if you shoot sporting events this is something to watch out for. My advice. I don’t shoot weddings, but this function would be perfect for shooting wedding ceremonies. It's ultrafast, but on rare occasions can miss perfect focus. I let my Auto ISO run all the way up to ISO 51,200. 1/160 sync speed. Although I have honestly never used this function before. Without it, the shutter would have been too loud and we would probably not have been able to take many photos. Replaces Sony RM-SPR1 4.4 out of 5 stars 99 If you use these features as I do get the A6300 or this A6500; otherwise the A6000 is the same camera for less than one-third the price of this A6500! Shot as JPGs direct from the camera, I can't get the wild, vivid colors I demand for pictures of places and things that I can get right out of the Sony set to Vivid and +3 saturation. ● Bigger buffer: 300 JPG or 107 raw frames (versus 44/21 in A6300), but who cares; after about a dozen or so frames it's lost focus lock on moving targets anyway. Fuji's cameras and sensors are strongly optimized for people pictures. While most of them only offer an “electronic first curtain shutter” the A7s(II) and and A7rII even offer a completely silent, purely electronic shutter. Press the MENU button → Camera Settings 2 → Shutter Type → Electronic Shut. Personally I love the tiny, automatic collapsing PZ 16-50mm OSS lens. It’s located in subpage 4/9 under the Silent Shooting option. Forget LEICA, Nikon or other old manual focus lenses; you'll have to open and close the diaphragm completely manually for each frame! These places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed. Make sure your camera is set one of the M/S/A/P settings. Fan Sculpture, 17 December 2016. It does not work on the current and previous macOS (10.13 and 10.14, High Sierra and Mojave); Sony stuff doesn't play well with Apple OS's (firmware updates anyone? While the Alpha and MAXXUM SLR lenses lack the optical quality of the latest Zeiss E and FE lenses, they do work very, very well. When set, the electronic shutter of the Silent mode bypasses the focal plane shutter and is completely silent. If you shoot raw or otherwise fiddle with everything in your computer that's one thing, but if you demand saleable JPGs right out of your camera as I do, Fuji wins for people, and Sony wins for everything else. The A6500 looks great at just about any ISO; use whatever ISO you need to get a sharp picture.

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