For independent cleaners, you are the employer. Do you have pets that need clean litter bins? If you haven’t cleaned in a while, these numbers may go up. Mar 16, 2012 Chris Silas Neal. Use this checklistfor idea… Ask first, clean later. 1. However, that's a lot of work in itself. Hiring a Cleaning Lady Entrepreneurial & Business Management. Does this include washing the windows, making sure everything is dust free underneath the couch etc? In the U.S., it's customary to tip around the holiday season. Cleaner Interview Questions. He had a dog, a snake, bed bugs and a pet rat.After cleaning up that colossal mess, the maid looks at her schedule and realizes that your account is next on her list. Interviews for cleaners normally last around 30-45 minutes with the employer asking, on average 8-10 interview questions relating to work ethic, health and safety knowledge, and the applicant’s job experience in the cleaning sector.. When can they come? November 27, 2015 Just make sure you're being reasonable and not adding to your cleaner's workload every time. 4. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is not an easy task, though if you do it right, you can land a janitorial company that you can build a mutually beneficial partnership with for years to come.. Give feedback. It helps the cleaner put things away for you. If they are using their own, discuss your preferences. Cleaners perform a variety of cleaning and maintenance duties to keep company facilities in an orderly condition. Talk about how often to do special things like vacuuming the drapes, cleaning the oven and washing the windows. Should they do the laundry, ironing, hand-washing? I would open up the interview with a brief overview of the job description for your house cleaning. The only thing that's truly yours is your time. Initially I thought I had to do laundry in between. I shouldn't need to spell everything out. Hiring a Cleaning Lady. or Safari. To successfully complete your hiring process for this position, you should identify experienced candidates who are organized and can perform quickly. This Site Might Help You. What is a clean house to you?– You can learn more about what she believes is a ‘job well done’. By asking some of these questions, you can find out a bit more about your prospective cleaning lady: 1. 15. Reply. "If they can't or won't on the first call, save your time and energy and find another provider," Ricketts says. Ask if they do background checks. If this is your first time hiring a house cleaner, you might not even be sure what to ask! Being at home with the cleaner in a small Manhattan apartment is untenable. One bedroom and one bathroom usually takes about two and a half hours to clean, and kitchens take another 1-2 hours. kyle kidd February 10, 2020 At 4:10 pm. If you can at all afford it, I highly recommend it. The following questions to hiring cleaners.. will only help if... won't help if... will only help if... You are looking for a cleaner that will come every week or fortnight. Some people want to make sure that they have the right cleaning lady for their particular needs, but are unsure how to narrow down their options. 5. How do you set your rates? One month's worth of fees is normal. One way to determine if a candidate is qualified for a housekeeping position is to ask them interview questions tailored to this role. When thinking about hiring a cleaning business or individual cleaning person, consider the following tips. They may send the same person consistently (which is better) or different cleaners each time. How long will it take and how much will it cost? This means that the cleaner will have to be prepared to work at an unusual time — often in the night or very early morning. I'd like to get some help for my mom, she's going through a round of chemo that's making her very weak. Time has taught me … We have also gone with once a month during leaner times. It will enable you to focus on maintenance cleaning and general day to day jobs rather than deep cleaning windows, skirting boards etc. Welcome to; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. Doing it less frequently will cost more per visit. If you don't have a clear set of goals in mind, you won't get the best work out of a housekeeper. Spend some time at the start of your interview getting to know your candidate. I've never hired a cleaning lady before, no clue what to ask them, how they get paid, etc. 22. I let her go and found another one. I pay by the hour I want cleaning done during the hours I pay for. If you want to know what key questions you have to ask before hiring a cleaning service this 2021, this is the article you need to read! This will dictate frequency and scope of the cleaning services. When hiring for a housekeeper position, interview questions should be focused on determining a candidate's work ethic, ability to follow instructions and necessary skill levels. For better security, a more stable environment, and faster loading times, we I have a wonderful cleaning lady (from Mexico) who comes twice a month to my condo. Let’s get into it. Thanks. Have a plan in mind. I never regret deciding to get a cleaner. When hiring a domestic cleaner, what service levels should you expect in your home? If a house cleaning company is bonded, and an employee takes more than the trash out of your house, the company can file a claim with their bonding insurance to have the item replaced. Angies List, Lifehacker, Wikihow,,,, How to File 100 Business Cards in 15 Minutes...and Find Them Again, Save 13 Hours a Month by Cutting These Five Things from Your "To Do" List. Cleaning is hard work, and hardworking maids visit some pretty nasty locations. I leave my cleaner to come when I'm at work, so I have to trust her. When calling around for cleaning quotes, know that home cleaning services or a cleaning lady should be able to give you at least a rough estimate over the phone so you get a general idea of whether or not they're in your budget. For example, are cleaning cloths left to dry in the sink when they leave? If you don't remember everything at the first meeting, don't worry. Since he will need to leave the house clean, I will recommend him hiring a cleaning company to leave the place spotless. If you need more job interview materials, you can reference them at the end of this post. Our cleaner comes once every two weeks and does the laundry. What's your budget? Before hiring a houe cleaning company, be sure to ask these questions: 1. Make a list of the things you hate to do, from most hated first, and take it from there. Are there any extra fees? If this is all too over-whelming, don't worry. Where do you want the housekeeper to clean? 10. HomeAdvisor's Housekeeper Hiring Guide gives tips for those looking for a cleaner. It's the same set of skills. Let them know when they are doing a good job and when there's room for improvement. And if you're reading this blog, then I'm going to assume you're a successful working woman and pretty good at delegating to colleagues. Be resigned to the fact that you may need to try out a few. For a corporate cleaner, ask what happens if a worker is injured in your home, or something is damaged or stolen. Service Label. 7. 150+ Sample Interview Questions for Hiring a Domestic Helper, Maid or Nanny. If they don’t have this insurance, and the business can’t afford to replace the missing item, you may be out of luck. 1. The first cleaner I got wasn't great. I am not willing to negotiate by the job. Do they provide their own cleaning materials and/or cleaning tools? So don't rush to choose your service. If you can at all afford it, I highly recommend it. So below are 8 questions to help you with hiring cleaners. Part of what I want from a cleaner is that she or he knows what it means to have a clean house. suggest upgrading to By Heather Lende. 2. Find or become a What are your long-term goals?– It is a good idea to know whether this person believes that bein… Because we understand that it may be difficult to come up with your own questions, we have narrowed down a few important questions divided by grouping. Cleaning staff interview questions & answers.. Discover tips for finding and hiring a trustworthy or reliable private cleaning lady or one-time maid service, and interview questions to ask to ensure the person or company is reputable. Be sure to indicate your goals to your applicant. However, these should help you get started with your cleaning lady interview. 20. Asking the right questions, and gauging the answers during the … Questions to ask when hiring a house cleaner. You'll need to choose between independent or corporate cleaners. If you work full time, suffer from an illness or are elderly hiring a cleaner can make a huge difference to your quality of life. Learn why getting household help was worth the cost to writer Heather Lende. That means I don't cancel any of my cleaning sessions, even if I haven't been in the apartment at all in between cleans. Tell me about your ability to work under […] 17. Find a way to lock up your valuables, if you have concerns. Before hiring an individual, always be sure to check your cleaning lady’s references and perform a background check. Talk about the scope of work. If this is the case for your company, look for flexibility and reassurance that your employee won't be falling asleep on the job. Research the company. If the first cleaner fails, try again. Brilliant. That way you should start the year with the right foot and your home clean. “But, it’s cheaper to hire an under-the-table cleaning lady for cash! by Charlie. By Kathy Wilson Special to 9. The best thing to do is ask questions that help you find out more about the cleaning lady. Hiring a cleaning lady will enable you to spend more time with your family, free up weekends, and keep your house visitor ready. More importantly, listen carefully to the answers each individual provides and be sure that the person you are hiring is going to be capable of doing everything you need. Make sure they are happy with your cleaning materials. Preparing this information for the service will help you … 16. What special services you do need? Of course, there might be other housekeeper interview questions that you think are important to ask. If you're supplying the cleaning equipment, make sure you have it. For example, when hiring a corporate cleaner, they can have policies like not climbing up ladders. Just get started, give regular feedback, and remember that you can always get a different cleaner if this one doesn't work out. Don't interview an applicant and expect them to automatically know what you need done in your home. 13. Still, there are so many variables and so many different size and types of cleaning companies that finding the right one for your facility can be a daunting process. i am under 18 and wanted to know if i could hire a cleaning lady for my family for maybe a one time thing or if i like it maybe weekly/ 2x a month, i should call and ask what questions? Hiring a cleaning service you can trust can be a daunting task. If you are interviewing a cleaning lady, you want to make sure that this is someone who is going to work hard for you. 2. Ask for general background information – Get a good feel who the person is that you are thinking about hiring. If you are interviewing a cleaning lady, you want to make sure that this is someone who is going to work hard for you. Should they use eco-cleaners? 8. Unfortunately for some, hiring a good house cleaning service becomes a nightmare. Do they prefer you supply certain types of cleaning products? Any general info on the subject would be welcomed. Getting a cleaner will work out fine if you're good at delegating. A friend recommended a cleaner to you, but you wanted to make sure they’re okay. Hiring a cleaning service or any other kind of service is not always an easy task. It is perfectly natural for you to ask how long a cleaning lady has been doing her job, how many houses she cleans every week/month, what services she can provide when cleaning etc. The first step is to make a decision regarding the hiring of an individual person versus a company. If you can't find a recommendation through friends or neighbors, you can find one through online recommendations. RE: when hiring a cleaning lady what should i ask? There are many things along with affordability that should be taken into consideration before you make your decision. I never regret deciding to get a cleaner. Now that you better understand why so many people use professional cleaning services these days, it’s time to begin your search for your ideal cleaning lady. Cleaner job interview questions. For example, how your marble should be cleaned, or if you want your house plants dusted and upholstery vacuumed. Corporate cleaners have the necessary insurance and bonding. My home has been a mess ever since we had our cousins staying over last week, so we are talking about getting professional help. How do you pay? I treat my cleaner the same way I treat my employees at work. I pay her $25 an hour. ? If you hire an individual, keep in mind that they depend on you for a regular income. If they are using your cleaning materials, show them where they are and what should they do with the dirty cleaning equipment. For me, a discussion as you wander in and out of every room should be enough. If you want to, you can write it all down, so there's no confusion. 3. 1. With so many available options, from franchises to mom-and-pops to individuals, and prices ranging from $15 an hour to $50+ per hour, it is easy to get lost in the process. Google Chrome, 24. Firefox, I don't recommend Mondays or Fridays - when there are holidays on those days, you have to hide out somewhere else while the cleaning goes on. 21. Do you want her to organize the kitchen, pick up the children's playroom, make the beds, clean toilets? 12. Discuss how they should get in and out of your house. And if you're reading this blog, then I'm going to assume you're a successful working woman and pretty good at delegating to colleagues. We’ve come up with a list of questions to help you find a cleaner that’s a perfect fit for you. Call them and talk to them. 18. Each option carries its own advantages and disadvantages. In this post, you can reference some of the most common interview questions for a cleaning staff interview along with appropriate answer samples. Do you want to trial them out just one time before committing to a more regular schedule? 25 Questions to Ask if You're Hiring a Cleaner. Choosing a cleaning service means you will be entrusting someone else with your home, your possessions, and even access to your family, possibly for a very long time. I found mine online through a discussion board for new mothers. It's not nasty - it's just a professional relationship. 19. Is there anything they wont do? Getting a cleaner will work out fine if you're good at delegating. by SuperMommy | Mar 3, 2016. I have a cleaning lady. 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Service. Most cleaning services will ask you how big your house is, how many bedrooms and bathrooms it contains, and what kind of routine cleaning you usually do. If you buy at least 14 sets of underwear then you can go two weeks without doing laundry. 23. By asking some of these questions, you can find out a bit more about your prospective cleaning lady: This is the job that you are interviewing someone for, so you want to make sure that she is knowledgeable and is ready to work: If you have enough information and know that you are honestly going to consider the cleaning lady you are interviewing, it is important to find out a bit more about the possible employment details. How often should they come? Discuss any things that you are particular about. But no! If you are lazy and poor, you can get creative. Whether you are a local or an expat in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Dubai, India, Manila or just about anywhere in the world, interviewing a domestic helper or maid can sometimes be a daunting task. So you’ve decided to hire someone to clean your house and now it’s time to start interviewing potential cleaners. Introductory Questions for Maids Every professional relationship is built on trust, and to trust someone you have to know them. Your current browser may cause issues that will affect the use of this site. Put labels on things. Imagine your maid cleaning an apartment vacated by a disgruntled renter who lived like a slob before he was ousted. To make the process as smooth as possible, here's a round up of the 25 questions to ask when getting a cleaner, distilled from Wikihow, AngiesList, Lifehacker as well as my own experience. Questions to Ask When Hiring a Cleaning Lady. How Professional Cleaning Ladies Clean a Bathroom, What to Include in a Cleaning Lady Contract. By hiring a cleaning service, you will ensure that your home is maintained in the best possible way by experts in the field, giving yourself the gift the time. Hiring an individual versus a company . Covid Privilege. As we discussed last week, having a maid service is no longer just for the rich elite, it is now so common to hire a cleaning service that 1 in 3 homes in the UK now employs one! Most cleaning services charge an hourly rate for the initial visit, but may also charge by the project, or by the number of employees they send. Do they have references you can talk to? If they use yours, then what state will they leave them in? I keep a notebook where we can write notes back and forth, and leave it open on the kitchen counter. The only thing that's truly yours is your time. 11. These are questions that you will want to ask. Most cleaning jobs need to happen during off-hours when employees are away and the office building is mostly empty. 6. 14. There is too much choice and can’t decide. 25. It is easy to say you want the house clean (this is what I always say lol) but what that means to me and what it means to someone else may be different.

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