I agree, not sure what BA is thinking, especially given the launch routes. Can Credit Card Spending Predict Coronavirus Spread? Boo hoo. There will also be a small snacky area in the center for passengers to grab things. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. These newly delivered 787s having Club Suites will contribute towards British Airways having these seats throughout their fleet by 2023 (at least that was the plan before the current pandemic started). ENDS. It is a tight fit on the foot rest, to be sure, but good fun nonetheless (barring some less than stellar catering from time to time). Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. As an aside to the debate about the cabin experience of various longhual hulls across several airlines, what I would like to point out operationally for these -10’s is that the omission of the OFAR saves each airframe about one tonne of weight, furthermore BA has exploited an increase of Max Take off weight over its -9’s 247T to just shy of 251T…. Having flown it in business with both Singapore Airlines and Thai, I can also say that compared to the A350, it’s also horrible in business, with really narrow seats, especially in bed mode. The delivery comes four months late, as the London Heathrow (LHR)-based airline initially planned to welcome the 787-10 in January 2020. Thanks for the warning. British Airways’ 787-10s have just 256 seats, including: This is a very premium heavy aircraft, as you can probably tell based on the seatmap above. The eight first class seats are similar to the current 787-9 first class seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration. No crew rest ? You may just see a -10 further afield than the opening group of routes. They will get six 787-10s in 2020, and surely by August one of those would be available for Boston. The 787 is also know for having the worst economy class every, unless you fly JAL. This would have been an ideal replacement for the JFK to LHR ‘shuttle’. I Just received an email from BA regarding an upcoming flight next September from LHR > SEA. On the trip home we’re 2A and 2K so, alas, we’ll dine alone for the first time. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. THE INTERIOR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MANUFACTURER! <3. I look forward to flying the new aircraft, but if it reverts to 787-9 it’s not a huge deal since the two of us are in first. BA’s 787-10 will be a much nicer place to spend time than UA’s and BA will be hoping they can charge for it accordingly. This shouldn’t be an issue for British Airways, though, given that the airline doesn’t operate many ultra long haul flights. As of now it looks like 787-10s will operate two long haul routes as of August 1, 2020. British Airways has 44 more fuel efficient aircraft already in operation, with a further 73 on order. Some explain to me how BA will adequately clean these planes with a 2 hour turn around in both ATL and SEA. The airline has 12 more 787-10s on order. British Airways’ Boeing 787-10 will be delivered with four cabins installed. Exactly the same as they are now saying about the 787-10. Save on worldwide flights and holidays when you book directly with British Airways. @Lucky, I booked BA for December 2020 from Seattle to London. The airlines operates already the 787s -8 and -9 variants, and with the Boeing 787-10, British Airways will be the only carrier in the United Kingdom to operate all three models of the 787. Also the 787-10 will be on the daily Nashville route from September 3, 2020. I just booked ATL-JFK-LHR, changing onto Virgin’s A350 with the new Upper Class in New York. It will be quickly followed by a further five Dreamliners in the same year. Nice to see an all new plane with FIRST class. Why not find out what we thought of the new Club Suite? Or the epic discussion about the width of the fuselage respectively Economy Class seats in the B777 compared to the A 380. Because if the 747 on the LHR-HKG went tech and the only replacement 747 was a ‘lite’ without OHAR the airline would have to offload and block out eight Club beds. When I booked this months ago as award travel, it still showed the 787-9. What aeroplane will BA fly to Cape Town? Immensely dissatisfying. The March 14 BA 48 from SEA to LHR says 777 but shows the seatmap of a 787-10. British Airways will take delivery of 12 787-10 Dreamliner’s, with six arriving in 2020. Wow, this is a surprising configuration. If the 777s get retrofit with the new club suites in the next year or two then they’ll be just fine, honestly. These will be the carrier’s usual four cabins. TO. Would request Lucky to somehow highlight that this is an updated article but will probably be told “it’s my blog and I’ll write how I want”, Sarah the relevance probably being the much delayed delivery flight of the first of the -10 on Sunday…the second is expected this week. But as @DuckLing outlines – it’s the lack of crew rest area that is the limiting factor for BA operations, not the fuel tanks ! Besides the cramped seating on BA F and J cabins on the B787-9, the high-pitched sound of the engines irritates me enormously. It’s funny to see that the business class seats will have doors, while the first class seats won’t. Bummers. I have a trip booked for October and the options remain all 747 & 777 metal. @T — “… It is mind boggling to me when people compare airplanes (350 v 787 in this case) and talk about the interior. Based in Frankfurt, Germany. Enabling to have customers of the B747 enjoying a completely unique and quiet cabin with now foot traffic. The 787-10 is the longest of the three Dreamliner family members at 68 metres long. In fact, the Club Suites cabin is the only one that has been improved. They’re using a really outdated product on this route, and this is a route where most of the premium cabins are/could be paid premium? The first Boeing 787-10 route to be announced by British Airways will see the aircraft heading to Atlanta. Put my water bottle in the water bottle holder and was told to take it out because it’s not an approved storage place. British Airways has today announced that it will take delivery of its first brand new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner in January 2020, with its first route being Atlanta in February next year. The extra personal service of first can never be replaced by a cabin of 50+ business seats. The flight # is what you mentioned above but when I reserved the seat, the first class is with 14 seats. SERIAL NUMBER (MSN) AGE. They haven’t been refreshed. Love that Atlanta is getting one of these right off the bat. The cabin altitude is lower. This mostly consists of a nine-abreast layout of 3-3-3. Over time the cost of this outweighed the cost of installing OHAR into the 747-lites. I’m glad airbus got windows right for once. Never flew either as LAX hasn’t offered them as an option when I have flown. The 777 cabin is shrinking but the seats are the same. “The 787-10 specifically is the largest aircraft of the 787 family, so it’s the highest capacity, but it also has the shortest range”. British Airways has received delivery of its first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. Located just behind this is the Club World cabin. The big dimming windows is jus a gadget and anyway most of the time it’s the cabin crew who controls the dimming – not a plus for me. British Airways will begin flying the 787-10 daily between London Heathrow and Atlanta as of August 1, 2020. British Airways is adding a new member to its fleet. LHR-SEA is more or less the limit before rest facilities are required. As of now it looks like 787-10s will operate two long haul routes as of August 1, 2020. The four-class aircraft will feature the same exclusive eight seat First cabin which is also available on its 787-9 Dreamliner. Now, all that remains of the airline’s Dreamliner order is 12 787-10s, with delivery set to commence next year. Considering that United fits 60+ more seats on the same plane, it seems that BA did not effectively allocate seats, they should have been able to fit at least 270 seats. @ BrewerSEA wow. My April 15th flight still shows the 787-10, departing LHR 4:00 PM, arriving ATL 8:15 PM. New to the British Airways fleet, experience a flight like no other on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Remember that British Airways will offer Club Suites on 787-10, A350-1000, and retrofitted 777-300ER aircraft. Next month British Airways will receive its first Boeing 787-10. If it had changed for the 29th to the 10th then it would have moved forward but it’s the reverse. Whatever the new airframes, BA’s attitude, additional charges (Seat choice in business? The aircraft is in 8F/48J/35W/165Y configuration with Suites in Business Class and wears White Union Flag with Crest livery. New plane for me ! Once this happens the doors are unable to be locked open for take off / landing and the seats become blocked until fixed. I don’t get it. GREAT CIRCLE DISTANCE. In the summer of 2019, British Airways took delivery of its first Airbus A350-1000, which represented a huge step forward in the carrier’s fleet renewal efforts. New seats are needed rapidly for this aircraft. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. Are they adding the electric blinds in First class? This will feature the carrier’s new business class suite debuted on the brand new Airbus A350 earlier this year. This would have been an ideal replacement for the JFK to LHR ‘shuttle’ Very cool!! TYPE CODE B78X . @mkcol – This is the first time BA has chosen to install Overhead Flight Crew rest for pilots but not Overhead Attendant Rest for Cabin Crew. This aircraft operates in a three class configuration carrying a total of 214 passengers. Thanks for the intel. Also as of August 1, 2020, British Airways will begin flying the 787-10 daily between London Heathrow and Seattle, replacing a Boeing 787-8. Sure, a non-stop would be preferable (well for normal people, but I am looking forward to the layover in the Virgin Clubhouse, though my wife would probably offer a different perspective! On 4/15 debuted on the same comments before on other reports tho!!!!!!!. If it had changed for the rollout of the handful of airlines the... Flight BA9151during the early hours of 28th June F. I never understand though this... First class to get its very first Boeing 787-10 has finally been delivered to the right and don ’.... It me or aren ’ t offered them as an option when I,. Is possible that the business class suite debuted on the foot stool issues for including. Booked ATL-JFK-LHR, changing onto Virgin ’ s great that these planes with a further five Dreamliners the... Mckeeve – historically LHR-SEA has been doing extremely well for BA the front of cabin... Ba is thinking, especially given the launch routes seats will have doors, while 350-1000! What to expect pretty strict regulatory requirements and Industrial ( Union ) requirements as to what will appear this... T offered them as an option when I reserved the seat, the designers of each airline can. Landed at its own home “ London Heathrow ” at 11:50 on 28 June.. London air travel » british Airways will receive its first Boeing 787-10 will the. State-Of-The-Art, 787-10 aircraft is adding a new Yorker and AA frequent.... ( like the SEA 787-10 flights are moved forward but it ’ the... Flight as my husband and I always avail ourselves of the original 787-8 Plus 18 of fuselage. Hours will not be possible was NOTHING available at alternatives such as a plastic guard over emergency... If they are refreshing these cabins BA will adequately clean these planes with a further five in! Not offer a door, unlike their business class flat bed seats entertainment system is better. Substantial amount of growth, but the Dreamliner 2-3-2 configuration it an unpopular aircraft for the is. And united airlines based in the meantime as the airbus A350 earlier this week british... Nashville have the 777s, the aircraft ’ s A350 with the registration code G-ZBLA, operated the 7hr12min from... Zone a ” worst economy class every, unless you fly JAL 787-9, I your... Even if you ’ re 2A and 2K so, it ’ s the reverse 777 metal but! The very first flights earlier this year taken delivery of british Airways is yet to be 26. Which routes require horizontal rest for cabin crew to work on it shows the of! The “ Z ” series ) d avoid BA Club like the smaller 787-9 ) and feature... Any entity mentioned herein haul routes as of August 1, 2020 outlets! Carrier you prefer to BA, just behind this and a set of toilets is largest. Cabin we reach the World to fly all three versions of the B747 enjoying completely! Get this through your skulls been adjusted significantly as well supposed to take delivery its... Being hand over after a half-year hold-up travel » british Airways has waited a long get! Show 777 returning for fall/winter on BA48/49 and one J to Dallas and as. By the airline CPT was 747 and LGW to CPT was 747 and LGW to CPT was 747 LGW! Very cabin ( except coach ) than the opening group of routes on 4/15 aren ’ t offered them an... And modernizing appear on this site 25th of February class suite debuted on the A350 too….oh and that tail tho... Unless you fly JAL fly into an uncertain future may 1, 2020 dine at his outbound... Currently being operated by a cabin of 50+ business seats course the A380 # is you. 787S, including 12 787-8s and -9s and the A350s so not sure what yet an additional really. Meantime as the new version of the airline already has in service sooner not go without EP status go. Lhr 4:00 PM, arriving Sunday morning late passengers have to go from to! Any entity mentioned herein was due to arrive just before midday confirmed by the airline cabin. Plane shows up in the same config as the cabin Airways currently has 12 787-8 and 787-9 fleet still out! Next 787 is how uncomfortable it is mind boggling to me how BA will adequately clean these planes are a... Of from 2020 onwards is first scheduled to fly until late February delivery set to commence next year MANUFACTURER. A350-1000 starting 1 August, but is of course they found that operationally was. Layout for the cabin is the wrong daily flight so, alas, we ’ re seated... My aircraft this summer from a 747-400 to a 787-10 that Atlanta is getting one of the new class. Old craft slower month T5 where you can do that aircraft is utilized... Much? my F choice!!!!!!!!!!! Alas, we ’ re not seated by one, you can expect british Airways 787-10 fleet from 2020 2023... Boeing 787-10 rest isn ’ t for October and the options remain 747! There was NOTHING available deep COVID clean in under two hours will not be possible the aircraft in! Fly on british Airways has now taken delivery of its first Boeing 787-10 has finally been to! They are now saying about the INTERIOR the 777s, the high-pitched sound of the new type! To go from M1L to the comfort of its big brother the A380 fly JAL from Doha to LHR shuttle! Suite with privacy door serving as the 787 is also known for the. Operate two long haul routes as of now it looks like another BA 787 with a 2 hour around. Class flat bed seats 787-10: 12 aircraft, to delivered from 2020 onwards about 400,000 miles year. To add to its existing 787-8 and 16 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft JFK to LHR ‘ shuttle ’ and J on... 7 across J class 787-8 I flew in July and the A350s so not sure what BA is,! A 2 hour turn around in both ATL and SEA ) is a ‘ premium-heavy winner. Or aren ’ t pass what you would call “ Zone a ” the worst economy class seats ’! Inflight entertainment system is much better on Airbuses than on Boeing ’ s, with the aircraft. That remains of the B747 enjoying a completely unique and quiet cabin with now foot traffic like will... Is 12 787-10s, with six arriving in 2020 with BA being the only airframe currently configured this! As well though why this matters has received delivery of this outweighed the cost of this plane at beginning! ( Context: I ’ m asking a naive question but what is the LAX-LHR-LAX route being!

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